What I wish I knew before starting Chemotherapy

There is SO much I wish I knew before starting chemo. Download my best tips for starting chemotherapy in an easy to read PDF.

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Hey I'm Emma

I've been there. I've had the biopsies, endured a bone marrow biopsy and sat in a chair as dangerous chemicals coursed through my veins, all the while being the youngest person in the oncology ward of my local hospital and wishing there was someone like me, who could support me on a holistic level, both physically and emotionally.

I gathered an incredible list of resources, mindset tools and daily routines that have helped to ground me during uncertain times, uplift me through the dark ones, and spread a smile across my face during those quiet moments when the gravity of the situation sinks in and you realise just how precious life is.

Together with my health coaching and pilates certification, I'm here to help you thrive through this experience. Let me create a safe place for you.

The Essential Chemo Checklist


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