Helping you navigate your cancer journey with grit, grace and gratitude.

I know what it feels like to feel completely shell shocked with a cancer diagnosis 'before your time' and sit as the youngest person in the Oncology Ward.

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who i am

Hey I'm Emma

I've been there. I've had the biopsies, endured a bone marrow biopsy and sat in a chair as dangerous chemicals coursed through my veins, all the while being the youngest person in the oncology ward of my local hospital and wishing there was someone like me, who could support me on a holistic level, both physically and emotionally.

I gathered an incredible list of resources, mindset tools and daily routines that have helped to ground me during uncertain times, uplift me through the dark ones, and spread a smile across my face during those quiet moments when the gravity of the situation sinks in and you realise just how precious life is.

Together with my health coaching and pilates certification, I'm here to help you thrive through this experience. Let me create a safe place for you.

Holistic Support

Bridging the gap between what your Oncologist tells you and the tools you need to navigate treatment in a holistic way.

Practical Tools and Resources

Worksheets, Videos, Peer support and more are included in the Can Thrive program. 

Can-Thrive Community

Connect with people who have both been through it, are going through it and understand the challenges, tools and mindset needed to navigate these challenging times


My story

Three words changed my life forever

Three words changed my life forever. You have cancer.

Time stood still as I sat in the dimly lit office in the cancer centre, shell-shocked. Was this actually happening?

Shortly after, shock turned to utter fear and terror as I contemplated my own mortality and the treatment that was to come. Perhaps you've just been diagnosed with cancer too?

And now, like me, you're thrust suddenly into a new world, with little information searching for answers, community and empowerment to help you through the murky waters of cancer.

This does not have to be the worst time of your life.

Once I moved out of the funk of my diagnosis, it was time to put my health and wellness background to the test and draw from my toolkit of resources to help me not only support and help myself heal physically, but also emotionally.

I want to share that toolkit with you.

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 Download my essential chemo checklist to help you feel calmer, more prepared and supported as you embark on chemotherapy.